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Sensitive Skin, Self Care, and Finding Balancing (Interview with Alex from Benevolent Barn)

April 23, 2019

In this episode, we speak with Alexandra Mckay from Benevolent Barn about...

  • Sensitive skin (she's an orchid - find out if you are too here)
  • Her skincare routine
  • What her skin is like after 2 years of embracing slow skincare
  • When and why she changes up her skincare routine
  • The connection between yoga and Alex's skin
  • Her approach to self-care (and why that's been good for her skin)
  • Compassionate living through passion projects
  • What the day in the life of a mother, non-profit owner, yoga teacher, employee, wife, and more looks like (and how she manages to juggle it all without going into burn out mode)
  • What restorative yoga is (it's probably not what you're thinking it is)
  • Her mini farm sanctuary 
  • How mindful, compassionate living, self-care, and embracing passion projects helps her and her family be more balanced, happy and fulfilled. 


Helpful Links:

Alex's Current Skincare Routine

Skincare Products Mentioned:

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